Garage Floors

Your garage floor takes a beating. Heavy vehicle traffic, oil leaks and snow and salt from winter roads all can contribute to wearing your once beautiful concrete pad into an unsightly mess.

Rubber surfacing provides the solution.

We cover your once pitted garage floor with our rubber granules to create a durable and clean pad that will stand the test of time. The benefits of rubberizing your garage floor include:

1. Revitalizing worn-out concrete

We have 18 different colour options with the ability to create borders, accents and logos.

2. Impervious to moisture and salt

Rubber surfacing won’t erode with salt and snow dripping from your vehicle

3. Easy to clean

Rubber surfacing is resilient to staining and will hide any oil stains that may otherwise be noticed on concrete

4. Enjoyable to work on

Rubber surfacing is the softest overlay product on the market

Rubber Surface Garage Floor - 01
Rubber Surface Garage Floor - 02
Rubber Surface Garage Floor - 03
Rubber Surface Garage Floor - 04


Rubber Surface Garage Floor - 05 - before


Rubber Surface Garage Floor - 06 -after