What Is Rubber Surfacing

Rubber surfacing is a cost effective way to cover pre-existing concrete and asphalt. EPDM rubber is mixed with our state of the art binder and is troweled in place to produce a customized safety surface. With 18 different colours to choose from, you can make your project stand out.

The Eastern Rubber Difference

At Eastern Rubber Surfacing we provide the HIGHEST QUALITY rubber surfacing products on the market. Using only EPDM rubber, manufactured for the purpose of rubber surfacing, our rubber has better UV resistance, tear strength, and virtually no odour. This ensures your project will look the same 5 years down the road as it did on the day of completion.

Rubber paving is the safest surfacing product you can buy. It is a soft, non-slip product making it an excellent option for slippery pool decks and icy driveways. We also do patios, garages, walkways, play centers and much more.

 With 4 years of industry experience, we are Simcoe’s best option for rubber safety surfacing. Contact us today to set up your no obligation quote or to learn more about how rubber paving can meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can rubber surfacing go over?

Rubber Surfacing can be used on a variety if different surfaces. Generally we resurface concrete and asphalt, however we can also go over bricks, patio stones, and tile. We also have a vertical application allowing the rubber to seamlessly go up the faces of steps and curbs. For playgrounds and play areas, all we need is a crusher dust or gravel base.

How long before I can go on it?

You’ll be able to walk on your project one day after it’s complete. For driveways and garage floors, you’ll need to wait 72 hours before its able to be driven on.

How is snow removal on Rubber Surfacing?

Snow removal is made easy with Rubber Surfacing. Ice does not build up on the rubber, so gone are the days of constant chipping and scraping. We recommend using a plastic shovel or snowblower to remove snow.

How do I keep my Rubber Surfacing clean?

Rubber Surfacing is easy to clean and maintain. Spraying away loose debris with a hose or light pressure wash, or scrubbing a stained area with a mild detergent will keep your project looking great for years to come.

What colours can I choose from?

We have 18 different colours you can choose from to suit your needs, however for most residential projects we use earthy tones to help match your house. If you want your project to stand out even more, ask us about getting a border, or street number inlay done.


before rubber paving


after rubber paving